Full Sleeves – Yes!
Experimental Denim – Hmmm, ok.
Athleisure – Yes Yes!
Off-the-shower – Yes, but not for everyone. Be careful.
Pajama Dressing – Hmmm, nope.

LOVE by me:
Long sleeveless tunic

Sky-high heels – Ugh!
Overalls – Loathe loathe loathe and loathe some more.
Boudoir-inspired – Hmmm, I wouldn’t go ugh on this. Read this fashion trend from InStyle. It is all about how to edit it.
Wide-leg crops – Ugh!
Ruffles – This should be moved to LOVE.

LOATHE by me:
Bomber jacket – Ugh!
Crop top – Ugh! Unless you have amazing abs to show off!

Reference: whowhatwear